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At our facility, the following services are rendered under strict quality assurance and control programme.

  • Hydro-testing of pressure vessels (eg. cylinders, valves and pressure tanks).
  • Refilling and recharging of CO2 Extinguishers.
  • Refilling and recharging of Wheel Unit Extinguishers.
  • Recharging of powder agent or DCP extinguisher
  • Recharging/refilling of twin agent units.
  • Nitrogen purging of containers.
  • Integrity/Hydro test for Hoses.
  • Installation, Inspection and maintenance of Pre-engineered systems (CO2, FM 200, Restaurant System, and Water Mist).
  • Inspection/maintenance of foam/water sprinkler systems.
  • Inspection and Maintenance of CO2 flooding Systems.
  • Replacement of adapters, fittings and hoses on extinguishers and foam trucks.
  • Annual Inspection and Maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment.
  • Routine Inspection and Maintenance of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Equipment).
  • Water mist suppression, installation and maintenance services
  • Deluge valve testing and repairs.
  • Safety training.
  • Short and Long Term preservation of materials for storage.
  • Corrosion Control.
  • Tagging and Stamping with Clients Company Logo of equipment.

We offer a wide range of safety equipment and supplies from reputable companies in The USA and beyond. We offer from Portable and Semi-portable extinguishers to heavy duty, quick response Fire Trucks and everything in-between. Some of our range of products includes but not limited to:

    • Extinguishers
    • Fire monitors
    • Fire hose reels
    • Fire detectors
    • Skid units
    • Fire hoses
    • Gas masks
    • Alarm strobes
    • Visual & Audio Strobes
    • Fire Control Panel
    • Personal Protective Equipment

We also offer Fire & Safety Equipment Service, Rental and Sales. We have (for rent and sales) portable, wheeled and skid unit fire extinguishers. Also in stock are from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to respiratory protection, breathing apparatus, confined space equipment, torches, gas detector meters and compressors. Our customers get an unsurpassed selection of products from the world’s leading manufacturers. We service and support everything we sell or rent – small or large.

Engineered system design and development. From inception through installation, we provide solutions for fire and gas detection, and suppression for industrial, marine, and commercial applications.

    • CO2 AGENT System
    • FM 200 Clean agent System
    • FE 13 Clean Agent System
    • Novec 1230 Clean Agent System

We Offer Pre-Engineered system design and development. From inception through installation, Ebby-Tek Services Limited provides solutions for fire and gas detection, and suppression for industrial, marine, and commercial applications


Ebby-Tek Services Limited provides:

    • Portable and semi-portable fire extinguishers sales, service and inspection
    • CO2 systems-service and inspection
    • FM 200 systems-service and inspection
    • Clean Agent Systems- service and inspection

We also provide a full range of industrial, petrochemical, and offshore facility inspections and maintenance services. We ensure that all your systems and equipment are in proper working order and in compliance with international regulations and standards. We audit, inspect, calibrate, repair or troubleshoot your portable gas detection equipment, respiratory protection equipment, or fire protection equipment

With our international contact base and other strategic alliances, we assure our clients of our capability to source materials and equipment. They are assured of best price, best delivery me and best quality. Our procurement services are driven by latest computer technology and implemented by an experienced team that is highly focused on meeting the needs of our customers.

With experienced personnel and adequate equipment in full PPE gear, using the best of processes and preservatives including high quality corrosion inhibitors, we carry out our Clean, Preserve and Protect maintenance program on warehoused materials, installed equipment and project materials in other to ensure longevity during storage and provide adequate protection during usage. We ensure that materials, tools and equipment kept in storage outdoor or indoor are adequately protected. We offer full range of preservation programme that suits our client need depending on the length of time the item would be kept in storage. Industrial, petro-chemical, and offshore facility corrosion management are carried out by our experienced team of corrosion engineers with members of the team NACE certified.

In partnership with reputable internationally acclaimed security company, we offer the following range of products and services. Our team of experienced Engineers and workforce ensure the safety of your personnel, goods and facility while keeping the intruders out.


  • Internal and external protection
  • Internal intruder detection systems
  • Process monitoring
  • Video security
  • External beams and passives
  • Electric fencing


  • Biometric readers
  • Smart Cards
  • Intercoms and video intercom
  • Mantrap doors
  • Vehicle barriers
  • Metal detectors and scanners
  • Turnstiles
  • Powergate to electronic power gates


  • Wireless cameras
  • IP cameras
  • Face and number plate recognition cameras
  • Pan, tilt and zoom cameras
  • Infra red cameras

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